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Email to JRNL - Forwards don't work

A quirk we are aware of in our system is a forwarded email in to your journal, using Email to JRNL may not contain forwarded content.

We are working on a fix for this, and hope to have it remedied soon. 

One workaround solution, especially if the entry contains photos you don't want to have to download to your computer, is to copy content into your forwarded email.


1. Press forward on your email

2. Make sure the email address for your Journal is in the "To" line

3. Copy all content in the email you want forwarded into your Journal

4. Paste content

5. Press send

This will forward the content, including attached images in to your Journal. 

** Please note - if there are multiple threads in the email, it may only display the most recent thread, even using copy and paste.

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  • 05-Aug-2016