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Sharing Notifications Missing

A quirk in our system that we're aware of working to fix is that the user doesn't receive any notification that a shared entry has been accepted or commented on.

Currently, you can share an entry to individuals in a 1 on 1 share, or you can use Group Sharing. Unfortunately, our notifications aren't available to show if you the share was accepted or if they commented on your post. 

Here are some ways to know if a share was accepted and if there is a comment on a post.

If a share is accepted, when viewing an entry, you will see who the entry was shared with. That will not show if the share wasn't accepted.

To see if the share was accepted, you will need to "view" the entry. You cannot see this from your timeline. To "view" the entry, you can either click the title of the entry, or click the dropdown arrow in the upper right hand corner of the entry and select "view". 

Once you are viewing an entry, you'll want to select comments from the bottom. If there are comments on the post, it will appear to be a darker gray color.

Once you've clicked on Comments, you will see who you have shared the entry with on the right, and which "share" has comments. You can also see your own comments on the entry from here.

All comments in a Group Share are visible by the entire group. 

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  • 10-Aug-2016