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How do I build a book in the JRNL system?

To start the book building process, you'll want to click on Books from the top navigation when logged in.

From the Books screen, you'll click on the New Book button.

On the next screen, you can choose whether you would like a printed, hard copy of your book or just a downloadable PDF. Then choose Next Step.

On this screen you can choose between printing from your Journals or printing from your Tags. You can select one or multiple journals for your book, or one or multiple tags. You cannot print from both Journals and Tags in the same book. Once your selection is made, choose "Next Step."

On this next screen, you can choose to print all entries in the journals, or from a date range. You can also select the timezone to print your entries from. Separately, if you would like to print a book that only contains your All About Me answers, on this screen you will select the box next to "Do not print any journal entries." Once all details are selected as desired, choose "Next Step."

The next screen only applies to Power JRNLers. Any media uploaded to your account (video files, audio files, etc) will print with a QR code to access the file from your book using your mobile device, if desired. If you want it to be printed, leave the default option selected. If you do not want the file printed with a QR code, select Do not print media. Then you need to decide if you want anyone to be able to access it without your JRNL credentials (or theirs if it came from a shared journal). Select the appropriate option and then choose "Next Step."

There are four options when it comes to All About Me in your book. You can choose to print your most recent answers (which means it will print the most recent one if you have answered the question more than once), print all answers, print a specific timeframe (ex: all questions answered in 2020) or print no answers. On this screen, you will select the option best for you and then select "Next Step."

On this screen, you will choose whether the photos in your book will print in Full Color or Black and White. (If you have no photos in your book, we recommend Black and White for a less expensive book.)

On this next step you have two decisions to make. Whether or not you want to print photos, and whether or not to print comments. For printing comments, this includes any comments you've added, or comments if you've shared your entries with anyone else and they commented.

Now you will select your Title for your book. This will appear on the dust cover that comes on your book. We recommend you keep it somewhat short.

On the next step, you are determining the subtitle for under the title on your dust cover.

On the next screen, what you type will be printed along the spine of your book, both on the dust cover and stamped directly on the book. We recommend keeping this short.

For the next screen, anything you type will be printed on the back cover of your dust jacket.

This is the last step of building your book! This is your Introduction page. If you include content here, it will print in your book. If you leave this blank, the Introduction section will be removed from your book. As this is the last step in the process, you will click Preview to move forward.

Once you click on Preview, you will receive a note telling you that our system is working on your book. You can click to go back to the menu and you will receive both an email and in app notification letting you know when your book is ready for review. If you want, you can keep your screen open and when the book is finished processing, it will open on your screen for preview.

The last step is to preview your book and then to check out. If there are any questions on this process, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Updated on: 01/09/2021

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